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Heinrich Weingartner

Carom Player (Instructor), owner of a shop, a Cafe and one of two Billiard Museums in the world


Born in Vienna 13.12.1939, he makes his first contact with Billiards 1950 @ Cafe Niebauer in Vienna.
He and his team won the European Championship on 20. Juni 1965.
Mr. Weingartner also won 15 major Austrian titles. (European record holder of 500 points in one turn)
He opened his shop 1964 and he also started his own magazine in 1966 (and also has authored several Books)
1978 he started to build tables and sold about 100 a year. 1954 He started collecting books and 1993 he opened his own Museum

From my point of view, Mr. Weingartner lives for this sport and for his Museum

So to say, he is a part of his own museum:
Mr. Weingartner in his own Museum

When you are in Vienna, you have to make an appointment with Mr. Weingartner and see his Museum.
It's not all about the Museum, it's also about the stories he knows.
And when he starts talking about it, you see the glint in his eyes and you will be bound with his stories

Mr. Weingartner, a man who seems to be a little Billiards Angel:
It's all about his Stories and the glint in his eyes

His newest Book is the "Enzyklopaedie des Billardsports".
In his books (3 Books, 1853 pages, 1900 tournaments and 2667 photos) he documeted all (Worldwide) Carom results from 1903 to 2008
If you want to order a book, please use my contact form and I will forward your request to Mr. Weingartner
Enzyklopaedie des Billardsport


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